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Strategi Pemasaran Pedagang Sembako Dalam Meningkatkan Taraf Ekonomi Perspektif Ekonomi Islam

Penulis :

ISMAIL MARZUKI - Perbankan Syariah
Fatih Ramdaniah - Ekonomi Syari'ah

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The development and competition of the business world in the current era of globalization is getting higher. This study aims to determine the marketing strategies of basic food traders in the pasar baru paiton. The method used is qualitative based on observation, interviews, and documentation. The results of the study showed that the marketing strategies carried out by nine basic necessities traders used several strategies, among others, (a) service strategies, not easily discouraged when experiencing losses or being lazy when they made large profits; (b) product strategy, punctuality and the speed of serving buyers can have an effect on reduced income; (c) price strategy, price openness is needed in trading, so that the product (bargaining) process can be mutually beneficial; (d) promotion strategies, where traders approach emotionally to foster consumer trust, while fostering a high social life. Nevertheless, there are some deviations in marketing practices, such as the presence of elements of gharar or obscurity, the element of coercion and selling merchandise below market prices.

Kata Kunci :

Strategi; Pemasaran; Pedagang Sembako.

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