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Management Information Systems in Education: The Significance of e-Public Relation for Enhancing Competitiveness of Higher Education

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HASAN BAHARUN - Magister Manajemen Pendidikan Islam

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The management information systems has an important role in educational activities, particularly in improving the competitiveness of institutions in the midst of intense competition in the world of education, including higher education. This research study about management information systems to improve the competitiveness of universities through e-public relations. This research uses qualitative approach with case study. This research site is Nurul Jadid University, Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia. The results showed that, the management information systems to improve the competitiveness of Nurul Jadid University through e-public relations appears on; accelerate reciprocal communication and information, delivery of messages with various techniques and media, providing attraction to customers, saving operational costs, and increased-based community participation

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Manajemen Information System and Education

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