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Strategi Persaingan Bisnis Waralaba Berbasis Agama

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Umamah Alisha - Ekonomi Syari'ah

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Religion franchise business is a business that uses business strategies in shari'ah. considering that a lot of unfair competition is coming out of Islam, this religion-based business is a hope for Muslim communities to improve the Islamic economy. The purpose of this research is to know the business competition strategy carried out by faith companies, so it can find differences in conventional practices with shariah and to find out the application of business strategies based on Islamic law or just logos or names. This research is based on the analysis of the components of the franchise business competition strategy. In this study, use differentiation, focus and marketing strategies that based on religious identity narratives. So that the results of this study indicate that the components of business competition strategies are widely used by religion franchise businesses in offering products in accordance shari'ah.

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Competition Strategy, Franchise, Religion retail business

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