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The Innovation of Gabriel Method in Improving Al-Qur'an Memorization of Islamic Elementary School Students

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Memorizing the Qur'an 30 juz is not an easy thing for SD/MI students who sometimes cannot read the Qur’an smoothly. One method that can be used by students in memorizing the Qur'an is the Gabriel method. This study aims to describe the application of the Gabriel method in improving memorization of Al-Qur'an for SD/MI students at the Al-Hasyimiyah Qur'anic Educational Institution of Nurul Jadid Islamic Boarding School Paiton Probolinggi. Data collection techniques used in this study were in-depth interviews and observations. Meanwhile, the research data were analyzed using descriptive analysis. The results of the study show that 1) Al Qur'an learning activities are carried out every night after dawn prayer in congregation and Maghrib prayer in congregation; 2) the highest achievement of memorizing is 1 to 2 letters, while the lowest is 5 to 7 verses; 3) the obstacles faced in applying Gabriel method is the low ability of students to recall the Qur'an memorization has been achieved; 4) current teachers are only able to make verse movements only in the letter Al-Mulk, the rest, are in the process of being made. However, the application of the Gabriel method is proven to be able to improve the memorization of the Al Qur’an of SD/ MI students.

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gabriel's method, memorizing Al-Qur'an, SD/MI students.

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