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Trans-religious Identity from the Edge? Promoting Interfaith Dialogue among Transgender Community in

Pembicara :

ACHMAD FAWAID - Pendidikan Agama Islam

Nama Forum :

The 16th Annual International Conference on Islamic Studies

Penyelenggara :

IAIN Raden Intan Lampung & Diktis Kemenag RI

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This study aims to respond two important issues: firstly, the ways HTI (Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia), commonly regarded as a non-violent organization, used their magazine Al-Waie as media of their political propaganda and, secondly, the propaganda techniques they have undergone to invite the others into violent practice which undoubtedly made them being trapped into epistemic violence one. By using Jurgensmeyer’s theoretical framework of Cosmic War, this study attempts to reveal the ways Al-Waie, firstly published on September 2000, partly represented the ideological basis of HTI, not merely as radical, but also political movement, and to point out the process of propaganda it used to personalize the conflict by means of intellectual propaganda. The media framing is chosen as a method to discover which one of perspectives a media, including Al-Waie, used in the selection of issues and news writing. This study resulted in the hypothetical fact that HTI turned to violent organization not only because they got participated in supporting the perpetrators of violence and negotiated with military in certain state, but most importantly because they used Al-Waie as a strategic media to provide personal rewards for violence, vehicles of social mobilization, moral justification for violence, and image of cosmic war.

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