Judul Paper:

Sumbangan Pendidikan Islam dalam mengantar Multikulturalisme Indonesia

Pembicara :

M. HASYIM SYAMHUDI - Magister Manajemen Pendidikan Islam

Nama Forum :

Internasioanal Seminar on Islamic Civilization

Penyelenggara :

Universitas Sains Al Qur'an

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Abstraksi :

Islamic Education (tarbiyah) had been legally gained recognition after the issue of law no. 12, 2012, concerning higher education. In the law has stipulated that Islamic education (tarbiyah) entered in a clump of religious knowledge. In the explanation of Article 10, paragraph 2 of the law explains that; “the Clump science of religion is a clump of science that examines beliefs about unity or monotheism and the sacred texts of religions, such as Ushuluddin, Syari’ah, culture, propaganda, tarbiyah, philosophy and Islamic thought, Islamic economy, Hindu religious education science, philosophy of Hinduism, Buddhism’s education, the philosophy of Buddhism, Christianity education, Catholic religious education, theology, missiology, pastoral counseling, and educational science Confucianism “. However, academicallythe existence of Islamic education (tarbiyah) has been started since the oppointment Muhammad, the mesanger of God, in Mecca and Medina and continued until after the hijrah. The Islamic education (tarbiyah) has come in peace. It fills the empty space in the middle of strong beliefs and religious beliefs Kapitayan and Hindu-Buddhist religion that had been embraced by an ancestor. It colours the independence as it is now. It can be said that freedom is the biggest contribution of Muslims. Through Islamic education (tarbiyah), the scholars, wali and zu’ama, ceaselessly educate children of this nation in wide range of knowledge of theology, Syari’ah, moral as well as other Islamic science, both in boarding schools, madrasah, in the place of worship such as mosques, prayer rooms and in study groups common public spaces. Thanks for mujahadah and their seriousness, the independence of the nation, which is based on Pancasila and the 1945 constitution. The presence of Muslims in Indonesia wereable to appreciate multiculturalisme, behalf of Bhinika Tunggal Ika.

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