Judul Paper:

Dimas Kanjeng and Occult Economy: Challenging Modernity through Politics of Religious Prosperity in

Pembicara :

AINUL YAKIN - Hukum Keluarga (Ahwal Syakhshiyah)

Nama Forum :

The 17th Annual International Conference on Islamic Studies (AICIS)

Penyelenggara :

Minister of Religious Affairs, Republic of Indonesia

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Abstraksi :

Modernization brought about secularizing effects, while it also provoked anti-secularization movements. This article figures out a global increase in the role of religion in a more modernized Muslim community of Probolinggo in the Padepokan Dimas Kanjeng Taat Pribadi. Middle-class Muslim in Probolinggo is generally experiencing this variety of religious resurgence after the leader of seemingly religious “cult”, Dimas Kanjeng, has been arrested for murder and possibly a fake investment sceme. It paradoxically argues a reason why traditional, religious choices are still popular, whereas the world is heading to a more rationalized society. Dimas Kanjeng’s followers believed he could provide them prosperity, could “produce” money and gold. Dimas Kanjeng is perceived as a symbol of the unending contestation of religion, spirituality, and modernity. By using theory of social exchange, this article also contributes to studies on the construction of the occult economy in Probolinggo which reflected itself from process of relious prosperity making. It implies a fact that the more modernity is promoted, the more it is resisted; the more committed to modernization societies are, the more alienated they are, and consquently it provides someone a political strategy of religious scheme to dash the utopic hopes of prosperity.

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